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Producer: Martin Delon

Director: Wayne Slaten

Genre:  Science Fiction Thriller


Six former members of an elite government agency known as The Legion were responsible for the genocide of an alien species living amongst us in the not too distant future. Harrison, the group's lead tracker, is forced out of retirement to find Mikhail, a humanoid alien killing members of The Legion. His manhunt takes Harrison down a dark path of government conspiracies and corruption revealing the truth about his team's mission and himself. 


Starring Jason Douglas, David Matranga, Shayla Bagir and James Hong,

Written and directed by Wayne Slaten and produced by Martin Delon. 

A feature length motion picture from Filmwerks LA, Moonlite Filmwerks and Gaucho Productions. Coming 2019.

Director:  Martin Delon

Screenwriter:  Jeff O'Brien

Genre:  Latino Comedy


An inherited restaurant causes more than its fair share of headaches for a young woman struggling to maintain her late father's business in this workplace comedy from director Martin Delon. Doña Flor thought that running her late father's restaurant would be easy, but when she meets the crew, she quickly learns she couldn't be more wrong. From a boozing cook to a pimping customer and a flirtatious busboy, this crew seems better suited to an insane asylum than a greasy spoon. But who's to say that they're the crazy ones? In the eyes of her workers, their boss is in desperate need of some male companionship, and if she doesn't get it soon, she just might drive the whole crew mad.

Director:  Wayne Slaten

Screenwriter:  Wayne Slaten

Genre:  Thriller/Horror


A drifter with a dark past hitches a ride that turns into a road trip to hell leading him closer  to the revelation of a dark family secret of biblical proportions.

Director:  Martin Delon

Screenwriter:  Don Teague

Story by: Martin Delon, Don Teague and Jeff O'Brien

Genre:  Comedy/Thriller Feature film

Project in Development


Set in the Southern USA, this uplifting fun hunting story experiences a series of bizarre turns of events when the prize buck they are tracking turns out to be a genetically modified behemoth and the hunters become the hunted.


A movie concept about a group of friends who embark on a weekend “Guys only” deer hunting trip. The make a detour at a local dive bar, flirt with the local women get drunk and head to the hunting cabin. Later that night the hunters become the hunted when a genetically modified buck starts to kill them one by one. The crazy fun boy’s trip quickly changes into a run for survival from a beast with the wrath of a Jurassic dinosaur.


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